Hi, how are you?


My name is Daniel Wlodarski, and I am a children’s book illustrator. I am pleased to meet you! Now, let me tell you a little about my passion.

For the past few years, I have been creating illustrations for children’s books, games, and cartoons. I also have a lot book covers to my credit. During my career, I have had the pleasure of illustrating more than 50 children’s books from each corner of the globe. I draw both digitally and traditionally. I adore working with watercolours and crayons. I am especially fond of drawing children, nature, and animals, but I get the most pleasure when working on fun and educational projects.

As you may have noticed while browsing my site, my style is characterized by cosy, colour-filled, and uniquely shaded illustrations. I most enjoy crafting new characters that are genuinely unique. I collaborate with local and international publishers and independent authors.

My works have been featured in Newsweek and „Świerszczyk” children’s magazine. I have illustrated the cover of the 2019 contest edition of „Popisz się talentem” New Era, the English course for WSiP (School and Pedagogical Publishing House) and the ProfiLingua course, as well as educational games – Little Explorer for Trefl, books by Ewa Chotomska and classics written by Mark Twain. You may find them on Amazon and in online bookstores.

And now a word about my private life. I was born and live in Ostroda with my wonderful wife Ewa, 4-year-old son Filip, 14-year-old daughter Zuzanna, and son Dominik, who are my whole world. In my free time, I try my hand at creating animation and adore running through the woods in search of new ideas and inspiration.

Children’s books accompany me forever, so it makes me twice as happy that I can bring additional joy to my children with them. My main goal is to bring happiness and encourage them to discover the world, so I try to create as extraordinary illustrations as my young readers.

A concept comes first.


Have you ever wondered about how artists create children’s illustrations? Let me give you a little insight into the process.

It starts with a manuscript and illustration concept. As you read the text, your mind comes up with exciting ideas for layout design, initial drafts of characters, and scenes especially interesting for illustration.

It’s true; the more engaging the book, characters, and setting, the more interesting drawings. However, even if the illustration topic alone is not particularly occupying, you may always turn the tables – play with the light, atmosphere, and typography, find an allegory, change the sizes or slightly enhance the composition.

Sometimes you may not find your way around a particular theme, but it’s worth the risk. Where some see obstacles, others see opportunities. Ideas are the beginning of the adventure to excellent illustration 

Children's book illustrator